Adaptive Merging

We reduce computation time in rigid body simulations by merging collections of bodies when they share a common spatial velocity.  Our Java implementation is available on Github and received the Graphics Replicability Stamp.
Technical paper: Adaptive merging for rigid body simulations. E. Coevoet, O. Benchekroun, P.G. Kry. SIGGRAPH 2020



SoftRobots plugin for SOFA

We developed a plugin for the simulation software SOFA, available on Github. This plugin is dedicated to the modeling, simulation, and control of soft robots. In this plugin you will find SOFA components that are specific for soft robots (e.g., cable and pneumatic actuation, communication with serial port, animation editor). We provide a complete documentation of the library, and you will also find multiple tutorials and examples. All the information about the plugin can be found on a dedicated website.
Technical paper: Software toolkit for modeling, simulation and control of soft robots. E. Coevoet, T. Morales-Bieze, et. al. Advanced Robotics 2017

github SoftRobots plugin website

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