SoftRobots plugin websiteSoftRobots plugin for SOFA
I developped a plugin for the simulation software SOFA. This plugin is dedicated to the modeling, simulation, and control of soft robots. All the informations about the plugin can be found on a dedicated website.
Related paper: Software toolkit for modeling, simulation and control of soft robots. E. Coevoet, T. Morales-Bieze, F. Largilliere, Z. Zhang, M. Thieffry, et. al. Advanced Robotics 2017 [link] [pdf]

SoftRobots plugin documentationIn this plugin you will find SOFA components that are specific for soft robots (e.g. cable & pneumatic actuation, communication with serial port, animation editor etc…). A complete domumentation of this components library is provided on a dedicated website. In the repository you will also find multiple tutorials and examples. We also provide templates to ease the writing of the SOFA scenes. You can also see the plugin STLIB for SOFA templates.

The plugin is hosted, and can begithub
downloaded on Github.